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fine art from photos...

Sit back and let your mind wander for a moment.

Imagine your favourite memories captured on canvas with an exquisite vibrance that brings it to life.

Let your ideas run free - allow your mental picture to become dreamy and free from photo-realism. Allow it to speak with depth and emotion, to draw the viewer in, to evoke its story through every individual brushstroke placed on the canvas. Let the fairytale emerge through real and abstract forms.

Paint your perfect picture in your mind - and then let create it for you...

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2012 Suzy Oxford-4807-ex-ex-LRGoddess of the CosmosThe fields of ChampagneWatchingThe GirlThe entertainerzooming through spaceIMG_0205The Eyes Have Itwedding dayThe fields of ChampagneThe fields of ChampagneIt's a bug's lifeBumbling on the LavenderBumbling on the LavenderBumbling on the Lavendershepherd's delightmoonsetmoonsetmoonset