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This gallery contains images created from users own photos, submitted via the facebook fan page and created for free.

The pictures are created from ordinary photos, be they wedding photos, family, loved ones, holidays, favourite places. I've tried to add a little bit of magic to each of them.

About Downloading

You can't down load high resolution images from Facebook, because it reduces the size/resolution of pictures that are posted there, but the standard and high resolution versions without the watermark are available in this gallery.

Our 100% free promotion has now ended, but non-watermarked standard resolution images can be downloaded for a nominal promotional fee (about 97% discount, designed just to help cover hosting costs)

Standard resolution and will print at up to about 5 inches; high resolution should print at up to about 20 inches.

For all downloads, just select your picture and click buy, then choose the digital download option, which you can print yourself or send to your favourite lab.

Or, to save time and effort, you can also use this page to order professional prints, canvases and gifts of your high-resolution painted images.

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From photo by Joseph Thijsen - bristle oilsPaula Teodosio in Detailed Oils with a Pastel PaletteCassandra in Thick Oils and a Vintage paletteTiago Monteiro in Oils/Round Bristle & impressionist paletteEstera Stage 2: painted in brushstrokes pop oils with impressionist under-paletteStage 2: Yevgeniya painted in "Agfa Oils"Carina's pic - classic oils palette with watercolour underpaintingGuitar HeroPope Stephen Fry