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Helen started her photography career in wedding photography and was part of a very successful wedding photography business partnership for several years.

In 2008 Helen changed direction and did her first newborn baby shoot and never looked back. She loves capturing this very special time in a baby's life...a time that can never be repeated and is so treasured by the parents and family.

Those special moments begin before the baby is born and so Helen loves to shoot the miracle of life, beginning with beautiful 'bump' maternity photography as well as images beyond a newborn shoot, that capture the beauty in growth and development of an amazing little personality that is as individual as each baby is.
Helen shoots using natural lighting (no flash photography) and entirely in the baby's home, which means for the 'bump' photography, the Mum-to-be, as she grows much bigger, has the convenience of Helen coming to her. And once the baby is born this means that a shoot can be done in the comfort of the home whilst Mum and baby are recovering in the first few weeks when tiredness and time are a big factor. As the baby grows and begins to interact with the world around them, a shoot done at home where all the toys and surroundings are familiar to the child makes for a more relaxed and natural photo shoot.

Helen shoots throughout the UK as well as being available on a regular basis within Cheshire and Cambridgeshire.

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Baby Steps (photo by @Photo-Girl )