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Photographs (c) Nik Sargent

I have lifelong love for the Intriguing and inspiring landscapes of Scotland. This gallery highlights some of my more striking Scottish photographic imagery.

This gallery contains wintry photos of the Scottish Highlands, almost-alien Landscapes and wonderful cityscapes, such as Edinburgh.

All of these images are available for download and sale - simply add them to your basket and choose the appropriate product option. The watermark is only applied on the website and does not appear on final images.

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Keywords:Church, Cityscape, Edinburgh, Fort William, Glenfinnan, Hebrides, Highlands, Ice, Landscape, Loch, Lochaber, Mallaig, Mountains, Remote, Rural, Scotland, Snow, Winter, beautiful, calm, cold, narnia, plane, serene

2012 Skye-5781_2_3-ex-ex-LRCenturies at PeaceCille ChoirillBonnie Prince Charlie2012 Cille Choirill-5649_48_50-ex-ex-22012 Skye-5811_2_3-ex-2At PeaceDunvegan CastleEilean Donan Castle iiiEilean Donan Castle iiiEilean Donan CastleEilean Donan CastleEilean Donan castle on a dreich Highland dayEilean Donan CastleScotland is PurpleCRW_0456-hdr-nr-v2-tfnCRW_0454-hdr-nr-v2-tfnCRW_0443-hdr-nr-v1-tfnLoch SheilPlanet Highland